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Fall 2012







Philosophy and Approach

I believe that no matter how hopeless you feel or how terrible your current situation seems to be, there is always a way out. As one of the leading practitioners in the area of addiction counselling, I wholeheartedly believe this and I have consistently seen clients move from despair to hope.

Many of us choose, because of various life experiences, to go it alone emotionally. We decide that there is no one that we can truly trust or rely on. We think that we have to solve our own problems.

The solution for many people begins with the awareness that they cannot solve their problems on their own.

I encourage you to reach out and ask for help.

My helping approach draws from the 12 Steps/Minnesota Model and techniques derived from cognitive – behavioural therapy and mindfulness meditation. I have pulled wisdom from each of these sources and have brought them together into my individual approach that I call “story healing”.

"It is not people or events that make me happy or sad. It is my beliefs or stories about people or events that make me happy or sad."

One of the great challenges of recovery is to identify and heal from the negative stories that we tell ourselves that block us from being present and enjoying the now.

I believe that there are four basic concepts that need to be addressed in counselling to bring about a sustained recovery. The client needs to be encouraged to begin to 1) ask for help, 2) take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings, 3) get in touch with their creativity, 4) learn to live in the here and now.