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Fall 2012








For more than  20 years, Samuel Waldner has served generations of individuals and families struggling with the difficulties of living with alcohol, drug, nicotine, compulsive eating and other dependencies.

As a leading alcoholism/addictions counselor in Toronto, Canada, he  feels honoured  to have  been able to encourage the recovery of  hundreds of individuals and in turn to have helped thousands of family members affected by the disease.

He has helped countless others on their road to recovery from codependency, weight preoccupation, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Samuel has consistently pioneered new approaches to counseling while drawing wisdom from well recognized sources.  His “story healing” approach has benefited many clients.  Recently, he launched a new approach that combines his passion for photography with his expertise as a counsellor – “PhotoTherapy.”  This approach gives clients a powerful and simple way to engage their creativity through photography and find innovative solutions to their problems.  Samuel Waldner says that “It literally helps clients to focus and be in the here and now.”

Samuel Waldner has his master of education in Counselling Psychology. He was trained as an addiction counsellor at the Hazelden Foundation in Center City, Minnesota. He has counselled in both out-patient and residential settings. He has been in private practice since 1989.